Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Holiday Feast! Well, sort of...

pre-Thanksgiving meal
It's a fun time to be writing a food blog. With all of the holiday celebrations comes a lot of eating, and food making! If you love cooking like I do, this can be quite a treat. This year I tried venturing outside of my comfort zone, particularly around Thanksgiving. My boyfriend and I planned to be with his family on Thanksgiving, so I had no worry about fulfilling the "Thanksgiving staples." Instead I thought it would be fun to try something a bit more adventurous!

I've recently started subscribing to VegNews, so I tried a recipe on their site for a wild rice and apple stuffing. After seeing Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America, I thought it would be fun to give his cranberry sauce recipe a whirl (I was very intrigued by the Bourbon addition)...and so I did!

I'll write about each of these endeavors in a separate entry, but for now suffices to say the stuffing was quite tasty (although I think I've come up with a new twist I'd like to try some other time!), and the cranberry sauce my mother taught me to say..."Not to my taste."

And what else do I have to offer you by way of holiday recipes? 

I will add links to each of these as I complete them, but you can look forward to...

gingerbread vegans, spiced (and spiked) holiday cider, gingersnaps, cupcakes of all kinds,  flavorful roasted nuts, and a whole lot of root vegetable adaptations! Stay tuned!

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