Friday, January 18, 2013

M.O.B. Cafe

MOB Cafe

My boyfriend and I attended a concert at Roulette in Brooklyn the other night. After the show we were famished, and were pretty much ready to eat at the nearest restaurant we could find. Luckily for us, half a block away we came upon M.O.B. (Maimonide of Brooklyn) Restaurant. The specials sounded great, and a closer glance at the menu revealed that it might even be vegan! Thrilled with our discovery (it also looked great inside), we sat down and checked things out a bit.

MOB Cafe
MOB Cafe
It was a bit funky, a bit edgy, and I loved the lighting...

Anyway, on to the food!

And drink...
MOB Cafe
I had a lavender champagne (a nice glass of prosecco with a lavender-infused sugar cube in the bottom). It was fun--the sugar bubbled up quite fervently to the top of the glass--and I really liked the taste, too!

I actually ordered an appetizer, as I'd had a bite to eat before the concert, but what I did get was delicious.
MOB Cafe
I ordered the twice-baked potato. It came with smoked tofu and scallion cashew sour cream, as well as black radishes. (The potato toppled over before I took this photo, hence the slight mess on my plate)
The tofu was some of the best I've ever had, and the cashew cream was phenomenal.

My boyfriend had the macaroni and cheese, also made with cashew cream (and artichoke hearts!). We both walked away quite content, talking with anticipation about our next visit.

Some more thoughts...
I did a little research before writing this post and it sounds like we may have gone about things a little backwards, having wandered in unawares. Apparently there's a great bar in back, and an outdoor patio. We also missed out on their signature dish (whose shape is inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge), but we thoroughly enjoyed our meal and our time there, nonetheless.

The place also has an interesting backstory, and apparently shares a sister restaurant in Paris. I'll let you read about the philosophy here, but it suffices to say it's amazing food you can feel good about eating.

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