Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kitchen Tour, Part 2!


You may recall I wrote up an extensive kitchen tour of my Brooklyn apartment two years ago.

In brief summation, it went a little something like this...

The first kitchen I had all to myself was in Los Angeles while I was in graduate school, and my kitchen storage situation consisted of the use of half of my closet for my kitchen wares!


The following year, I moved to Manhattan, where storage space improved slightly, but counter space was a 12" square section of formica in the kitchen, the entirety of which is captured in this image:


Several years after that, we moved to Brooklyn, where I felt I had really struck gold. Our kitchen was awesome! Galley style, but also open to the rest of the apartment. And more space than I'd ever expected for city living.

Here it is captured in two funky fisheyes:


So. Much. Cabinet. Space. Or so it seemed!

This year, we moved north of the city--to an actual house!!

We did a little renovation, and now have what you could call my dream kitchen. It's pretty. Amazing.


What are my favorite parts of the kitchen? Honestly, it's all about the details. I love our pull-down faucet. You can toggle between a regular flow and a spray, and you can pull the hose down to make it stay in place--it makes washing things a breeze.

The drawer storage we have is really helpful--large drawers are great for big pots and pans. And pull-out shelves are also a huge help in some areas.

And I love our hood--it's way more powerful than our dinky old microwave extractor was, and--a key factor here for using a grill pan--there is not a smoke detector located directly above our stovetop anymore! (Don't ask me what our Brooklyn landlord was thinking...clearly not about cooking!)

We also got some wonderful quartz counters which are beautiful, super durable and very low maintenance--we absolutely love them!


And I love our pantry!



Pull out shelves are so amazing! It allows you to access everything so easily breezily. And that's so key when you're in the middle of whipping something up!

I could go a little further into gadgetry here, but I did that last time. I think the key to a functional kitchen--no matter how big or small--is to really think about the layout--particularly in terms of where everything is stored. That's been a big part of our kitchen organization. Baking sheets and pans by the oven, pots and skillets by the stove, frequently used silverware and dishware all in one place, and the less frequently used stuff--high and away (that's the step ladder worthy stuff!). Even the pantry has a very specific system (more on spices in an upcoming entry)! Seems simple enough, but it can make a real world of difference!


  1. You're still in NYC?!?!?! THIS KITCHEN IS BALLER! I mean I am pretty jealous living the suburbs with this kitchen. XD So spacious, pretty, and clean. *sigh* Kitchen goals.

    1. Thanks! Still hard for me to believe it's ours!

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