Monday, September 14, 2015

Sharing a Meal


Today's prompt is all about sharing a vegan meal with a non-vegan. This was not much of a challenge for me, as I love having friends over for dinner! Most of our friends are omnivores, but they of course still love coming over for a good vegan meal whenever they're able.

For this entry, I thought I'd invite over one of my old friends who actually inspired me to start this blog in the first place several years ago. She's a curious woman by nature, and having not known any vegans particularly well before us, she was always asking, "but what do you eat?" After many meals together and sharing countless baked goods, this question no longer comes up, but she is always happy to come over and share a vegan meal together!


I had never made her a nut-based sauce, so I thought we would try out my fettucine recipe. It was a big hit! She and my husband especially liked the balsamic salad dressing I threw together for us, so I will be including that in a future post. Bon apetit!



  1. Your pasta sauce looks so creamy, I can see how it would pair well with a balsamic dressing. I think any non-vegan would be tempted!

    1. I love a creamy pasta with a balsamic salad--it is the perfect pairing!

    2. Your pics were so appetizing...I made it for dinner tonight it was super yummy!