Sunday, September 27, 2015

Vegan MoFo Day 27: Favorite Herb or Spice


Today for Vegan MoFo we are talking about our favorite herb or spice! This was a super easy one for me. The spice I reach for pretty much anytime I'm making a pasta or gnocchi, the herb I like to throw at anything to give it a little somethin' somethin', whether the recipe calls for it, or not, is:

Rubbed sage!

Just thinking about it makes me happy. I love the way it feels between my fingers, the way it smells when I take it out of the jar. It has an incredible aroma--earthy, a little piney. It's a beautiful herb!

Rubbed sage is different from ground sage in that it is obtained by rubbing dried whole sage leaves, rather than finely grinding dried sage. This results in a light, fluffy herb that still contains the oils of the leaves, and is thus a favorite of sage "purists" (or so the internet tells me). The oils will allow the flavor to release into your food more quickly than with dried sage.

Looking to get real fancy with your sage? Dalmatian rubbed sage is like the queen of all sages. It is super mellow and smooth, with an amazing aroma.

No rubbed sage in your kitchen? Go get some! No time? No interest? No money? No problem. You can sub ground sage--but you'll want to use only half the amount of ground sage in place of rubbed sage.*

*but trust me, just try the rubbed stuff.



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